02 December 2013

Eyebrow Embroidery + Eyeliner Embroidery

For some of you whom have been following my instagram ( @jjjaniceee) would know that I did eyebrow embroidery two months ago. Did some research online and found that The Best Beauty Centre is actually one of the most affordable center with lots of positive reviews, best of all, located super near me! Ya, I am very lazy. 

It's not my first time doing eyebrow embroidery, did it once few years ago & spent a bomb on it, so this time just wanted to be budget and chose the lower grade. I am aware that the effect might not be as natural as the higher grade service because of the difference in the kind of strokes, but it's ok cos I don't really want it natural & I will end up shading my brows over when doing makeup anyway. 
I'm glad the beauticians there were not pushy & totally respected my choice although they keep reminding me the difference in outcome effect to make sure I myself don't regret.

My Au De Natural eyes

 photo 425c7a53-23cf-494b-bd7c-c3f7fca30ea5_zpseaebe48d.jpg

All settled, and we proceed with designing a brow shape for me! 
I like it straight & thick (sounds wrong I know)! So I adjusted the shape a couple of times to make it straighter & thicker to my liking.
I went for the straight full brows. 

Numbing cream on me. Haha I look like a joke here cos of the smudging.

 photo c86eebdf-69bd-45c4-be84-ef4ca18ad88b_zps1bfc4490.jpg

And I was done!!!

 photo CYMERA_20130815_234918_zpsf76be3a6.jpg

Duration: 30mins
Pain level: 2/10
Price: $138

Very thick & dark & unnatural you would say. But this was just the excess ink left on the skin. It will peel/ light scabbing for the next one week and eventually fade to more natural-looking like now.

  • Eyebrow Embroidery is different from Eyebrow Tattoo.
  • Eyebrow Tattoo is a permanent method which involves the injection of ink into the dermis layer of one’s skin. Overtime, the colour will change and some people end up with greenish/bluish eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow Embroidery is a non-permanent method. The ink is only injected into the top layer of one’s skin. Overtime, we “shed” our skin and thus the eyebrow embroidery will fade off naturally after 2 years. (Depending on individual)

Just 2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out eyeliner embroidery service at The Best Beauty Centre again! Told the director I was already their paying customer before the sponsorship!
You see, so good that I need to go back twice. Loyal or what?

Was pretty excited & yet nervous because it was 'eyeliner', I kept thinking will it be too much to have brows & eyeliner semi-permanently on that I won't be able to get back my 'natural nude face' anymore. But well, if you will be better-looking even without makeup now why not right?

So that was last few photos of me without any eye make up. 

 photo 936014_712546678773804_1180971426_n_zps8d576ca5.jpg

Reached The Best Beauty Centre HQ located at Toa Payoh centre and everyone were so warm and friendly :) 

The consultant first explain to me the different kinds of eyeliner embroidery they provides, and the procedures that I will be going thru.
Lucky me, they decide to give me the best & latest Korean mimic eyeliner embroidery !
I am too blessed because this Korean mimic eyeliner is the most expensive service, & best of all, I am another step nearer looking like Korean! 

 photo DSC_3604_zps400a63eb.jpg

 photo DSC_3587_zps28a13602.jpg

Shortly, I am being placed in the room where director Cynthia start to 'work' wonders on me.
As usual, she will shape the design on my eyes. I have no issue & totally put my faith on her. 
 photo 20131110_132809_zps65c8856b.jpg

 photo 20131110_132819_zps5c6b483d.jpg

 photo DSC_3613_zps8f05dac7.jpg

Then she start to apply numbing cream on my eyelids. One plus point of The Best Beauty Centre is they are so generous on their anesthetic cream! I am quite terrify before the procedure because I have heard so much, so many reviews & even my mum who did eyeliner embroidery before said that the pain is very excruciating! But to be truthfully honest, I FELT NOTHING. I know you people won't believe cos I was sponsored blah blah. But no, even as a paying customer where I did my eyebrows at Boon Lay's branch I did not feel any pain at all, while I still remember how I teared few years ago on my first eyebrow embroidery attempt at another super expensive place.

Probably the only pain is because vainpot me went to open my eyes to camwhore while waiting for the numbing cream to take effect & it went right into my eyes :( 
Ok, that was painful. So I urge you girls not to open your eyes when you have numbing cream on your eyelids. 
 photo 20131110_134207_zps104388e6.jpg

 photo 20131110_135925_zps3b399a4f.jpg

After 20 mins, I was then put to bed again and that is where the terror starts!!!!
To be honest I am really very scared. Not because it's painful, is because you will need to open your eyes during the procedure & you literally can see a blade poking so near so near your eyeballs!
Again, being very trusty, I just divert my attention to 'what should I eat for lunch?' and before I decide on what to eat, I am already done!!!!!! 

Getting the ink on to the skin!

 photo 20131110_142729_zps7cec67b1.jpg

 photo 20131110_142706_zps4ee05d28.jpg

A layer of machine over to make sure the ink stays.

 photo 20131110_142820_zps198320e3.jpg

Lastly, a growth factor serum for my lashes to grow!

 photo 20131110_143253_zpsea87cbad.jpg

(I secretly love my nose here!)

I'm done!

 photo 24185a61-ea07-42d1-9f43-d0032b98edb3_zps8464a783.jpg

Duration: 15 mins
Pain level: 3/10


The colour would fade about 50 – 70% within the first two weeks. But not to worry, there will be a touch up session.

I have a video on the whole procedure from designing the shape, to applying numbing cream, & lastly the inking. 
You can see from the video it is pretty scary having a blade so near your eyes poking the lids
 (NOT FOR FAINT-HEARTED) but I wasn't looking painful at all !

So, I am done.
It was just a very thin liner, we don't want to do it too drastic because uzzlang Koreans focus on natural good-looking facial features but not on heavy make up look. Secondly, you don't want to look so dramatic 365 days right? 

Comparing before and after! I am more ready to head out without cosmetic now! 

 photo DSC_3574_zpsbc33e3c6.jpg

 photo DSC_3679_zps21f2b2ba.jpg

The products that are used on me. 

 photo DSC_3670ec_zps78ce225b.jpg

I also get to bring home a after-care cream & a Derma lash control gel!
 photo c6b28bef-d8b4-41c2-bbab-3b91bef5ceeb_zps9fb55ff6.jpg

The Best Beauty Centre is very kind to welcome all my readers for a try for the Korean Mimic Eyeliner Embroidery at a discounted price!

Usual : $1680 inclusive one touch up session within 3months
Quote 'Janice Goh blog' for a 20% discount

I strongly encourage you girls to go and try it while they are having special rates just for you!
I am sure most of the girls actually already did eyebrow embroidery before. But I am sure not many have tried eyeliner embroidery before! When I say not painful, I really meant it's so bearable, I don't know how those that did it before said it was killing pain but I actually felt like some slight needle pricking that's all. 
Perhaps, that is Yi Fen Qian Yi Fen Huo (what you pay is what you get). 

Do visit their website & Like their facebook page for more info!

The branches I visited:

#04-35 (HDB HUB) SINGAPORE 310500
TEL: 6352 8101 FAX: 6352 1670

301 BOON LAY WAY #01-16
TEL : 6791 9002


Diana said...


May I know how many types of eyeliner embroidery do they have?

Vanny said...

Hi Janice,

Informative blog post here! :) may I ask if your eyeliner embroidery actually stays after the touch-up? I just did mine at Allure Beauty, and as expected the colour's slowly fading as the days go. I'd be going for my touch-up, but I'm just concerned whether the colour will stay (for years, as acclaimed by the staff) after the touch-up? After all if it could fade this much after the first session, the same thing could happen after the touch-up right? Thanks in advance babe!♡

DL said...

I have a extremely terrible experience with The Best Beauty Centre at Tampines Branch .
I walked in wanted to try the $88 embroidery as advertised on their window panel .
The so claimed Eye Brow specialist started doing working on my right brow n did different strokes on my eye brow persistently pushing me to go for what she is doing on my brow and giving me complimentary facials telling me is 1 year free touch up and cost $1680 .
I told her is too expensive and I want to stick to the $88 package but she was so insistent tat I subsequently succumbed to her hard sell.
My right brow was done with much enthusiast cos she wants to impress me that is beautifully done .
Then subsequently left brow was a quick one of which I told is not equal, yet she insisted it is .
I was right about the unevenness n went back for the touch up in a month. She told me 1st time the eye brow won't be nice , after the touch up will look good .
After I left she asked if I wanted to make appt before CNY for touch up . I told her isn't it good enough to touch up twice and brow should be nicely settled with the embroidered strokes n she jus kept quiet .
I supposed they want customers to keep coming back so they can hard sell which is really terrible to the extreme .
I really believed her thinking my brows will look good after the 2nd touch up .
I looked at myself everyday on the mirror n find that my brows are uneven in tone, one shorter than the other and one higher than the other . Even friends looked at me could tell me straight that I did my eye brow and it is not even . Imagine paying for $1680 instead of $88 expecting a better grade but is atrocious job .
Now I am thknking how to remedy this brow of mine .
Which branch should I go to , to get the brows corrected . Sigh !!! It is a con job !!!
So pls in life be truthful to yourself as well as others .
Don't jus encourage or sell some products not proven jus because you are paid or given complimentary .
Touch your heart .

Anonymous said...

Worst place ever. They scammed others for signing package or a more expensive eyebrow EMBRIODERY and refused to do the basic Korean one. Scammed me for a total of $700. I have emailed them, fb msg them, called them and it has been three days, nothing has been done. Just a Malaysian manager trying to con me go down so she can rectify by "touch-up". Asked her for refund she said don't worry the balance won't hurry you to pay one. It means you still have to pay.... Worst place ever and please don't believe their quality or what just cause they have 7 outlets. No such thing as luck because in the web, so many others faced the same scam and situation as me. You should consider to delete this post cause it will only be embarrassing for you.

Janice said...

I'm so sorry dear but I do not really know exactly how many kinds of embroidery they have because they had like 2D, 3D, Koreans, & even more advanced type.

Hi dear, yes the colour will fade tremendously & I understand you think it might gone after awhile, same goes to my thinking too! My eyeliner embroidery is still slightly visible after 1& half years now. To be honest I always thought it has faded after six months, but recently when I go for facials I get beauticians asking if I did went for eyeliner embroidery, & also random people telling me 'wah your eyelashes quite thick huh'(which is totally not thick at all). So I guess the effect is still there, for mine :)

@DL & @Anonymous:
Hey dears, i'm really sorry about your encounter :( I understand the hard sell part but actually they were alot 'less' hard sell then I was already expecting as a paying customer that time. I managed to get the cheapest brow embroidery with touch up package & a decent job done at the Boon Lay Mrt branch, so I guess it's not ALL the staffs are that mean. Maybe I was lucky? One side of my brows also did fade slightly more than the other side over time but I'm living with it because I understand no two part of the skins are of the same condition. It maybe due to that part of skin just don't "eat" the ink that well, or I'm a right hander so I tend to use more strength on my right brows each time I remove my makeup and cleansing the face. So many possibilities. I am being sponsored the next visit at the Toa Payoh branch, so like always I believe they treat the bloggers nicer than usual, that I believe. You may doubt me, but I was really accounting on what I've experienced myself and not being embarrassed about it :)
What I can suggest is, perhaps go to another beauty salon after at least a year, let it fade off and redo.