02 January 2014

First day at BS !

Just like all other working adults going back to work after the new year, I started working in a new office today.

 photo CYMERA_20140102_112818_zpsf670f5fb.jpg

No I never like to work, I mean, who likes right? So don't ask me if work was good.
But.... my work timing is awesome & that they know I am freelancing as a model / blogger which the best part!
It was a pretty cosy environment but everyone seems so serious!
Perhaps it's always me that is the happy-go-lucky one.

Secretly snapped a few #selfies in my department, I hope no one caught my bimbotic act!

 photo CYMERA_20140102_151943_zps47e35c8e.jpg

 photo eea55216-6f33-4c4f-9333-40903c8c5fc3_zps5777c0b9.jpg

 photo 27b9beda-7a64-4f2a-92b2-03626ac8ef71_zpsee30db3b.jpg

Was so tired that I fell asleep for an hour right after these camwhore #selfies on the bed.

 photo CYMERA_20140103_015056_zpsaee15705.jpg

Here I am just done drafting some blog posts, and I need to go bed soon!

I have 3 jobs tomorrow! HUAT AH!

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