09 January 2014

I think I need a break.

It's 5am now, & I just finished packing my luggage.  Heading off to the airport in few hours time and I will be having dinner in the city of Perth tonight! How awesome would that be?!
Well.... it was supposed to be a trip I looked forward to. But it seems like it's another trip for me to decide on life, some things that are not going very well right now. 
I'm a confused kid, and I'm a girl who thinks alot. So tired right now too that I don't think I will enjoy the fullest :/
So hey! Pardon me for not being able to update my blog this whole week.  Had wanted to schedule some posts but haven't had time to finish them.  Too tired for the past few days!

Meanwhile,  follow me on Instagram  @jjjaniceee ! 

I will post photos of my trip as long I get any Internet connections!!

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