02 April 2015

So what have I been up to?

Yes I have gone missing for a year!

I just like to say, a few life events took place last year and I've been busy pacing my life back on track.

Not many people knows, I've been flying with one of the international airlines for about three months. So the reason why I disappeared for a whole of four months during second half of 2014 was to be under a series of training in both Singapore and overseas for this job.

Surprising for the sudden change in career path huh? I wasn't expecting this change as well.
No doubt being a Flight Attendant have always been my childhood dream. But my parents did not agree on it when I was way younger during 19, 20. As time goes by I have given up hope on the job as I would be deem 'old' to join now.
So one fine day, Mum suddenly pop up a sentence like " So and so got into ___ company be air stewardess liao.You very lousy leh."
Me: OK! Challenge accepted!

Went online to research on available cabin crew openings and decided to try my luck.
First, I saw my current company having recruitment and so I sent in my application.
Then some days later I received an email inviting me to the First interview. I was thrilled of course!
However after even deeper researching, I chickened out on the day of interview at M's place because I concluded that I might not qualify.

Coming to that, I've broken up with M. It's been a long draggy relationship with never-ending of unsatisfactions and disagreements with each other. It's time to let go to save some dignity for myself. I fought so hard till I was all worn out, hurt, but still unappreciated. We kind of passed through long-distance relationship though. LOL. Whatever it is, I'm glad to have met D (our story another time ok!) and I'm so much so much happier now!!!!

So some time after, I went on for the walk-in interview for our local carrier. Got thru till the last round of day one but was booted out in the end. I was so frustrated then because I am very sure I did very well during that segment and those that we thought would get in didn't, while those who in my opinion fucked it up, got in. Went home and applied for my company yet again, half trying my luck because I flew aeroplane the other time thinking they would blacklist me. Surprisingly I got the email again.

I went on this time without any preparation because all I wanted was to gain experiences. So I purely ran through it's website once for it's history and backgrounds on the day of interview, and I swear my first round of self introduction was so brief to the extend I am almost unnoticeable. No idea how but I got into the final interview. Then again I was not very focus too during the final interview because firstly, I was still in the midst of my degree course. Secondly, I am doing comfortably well with my work that time and don't intend to end it that fast. So if I were to get in, there would surely be a few life-changing moments.

God loves to catch me with these kind surprises! Just like that, I received the calls for medical check up and signing of contract.
I still remember everything was so surreal during the contract signing day, and I didn't sleep a wink the night before due to exams, and spraying my hair black because I have yet to dye back my hair.
Before I can even digest it, I am bombarded with meetings with the school for deferments, and need to pull-back from Miss Earth Singapore 2014 as I was already one of the finalist!! There were so much to do in a short notice of time and off I flew for a good three months for my trainings!

I have never sat more than 3 times on an airplane & left home more than 4 days in my life before, and there I am getting overseas for 3 months stay!!!! I was on an emotional ride which nobody could understand, me always being baby-ed by Papa and Mama must leave my parents, pet, boyfriend, and school in Singapore, most importantly, leaving home for so long! All I could do is cry and cry the few days before and even on the way to the airport thinking if I did made the right choice.

Of course there were lots of happenings during the three months training there and I'm glad I went for it! I'll blog about training days another day :)

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