12 May 2015

The Dota girls

 photo dota2_zpsmsgwqnqm.jpg

 photo dota1_zpsgpsrwh7y.jpg

 photo dota4_zpsicvqf4oa.jpg

 photo dota_zpsi7ariyr9.jpg

 photo dota3_zps5x0yffld.jpg

Have been a 2nd day newbie ( aka noobie) for Dota2 the past two days!

It's funny how I used to hate my ex-bfs playing it and now I am the one downloading it and gathering my girls-team and of cos D the pro, to Dota every night till sky turn bright. Hahaha.

It's not difficult to guess which is my account, but no I'm not ready for public yet so don't ask for my account id either. Playing like a noobshit feeder now. Damn.

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