10 December 2015



Back to this space again. Finally having a good few days off from back to back long long long haul.

Touched down in Japan from NewYork on Monday at 5pm. Went out for dinner & some shopping & back in the hotel by 10pm. KO-ed myself at 12am till 6am Tuesday morning. Went up for hotel's breakfast, came up & KO-ed again from 10am till 3pm. Got up to prepare then head to airport for paxing back. KO-ed in the plane again at 6pm to 1am. Reached home & continue KO-ed from 4am till 7pm today, Wednesday!
The amount of sleep that I have slept is crazy. I practically eat alot when i'm awake then travel to the whatever next location then KO, like winter hibernation.
I'm happy to be able to sleep so much & repaid my sleep debts actually. You never know understand how frustrated I am dealing with broken sleeps overseas, and now I am pretty refreshed!
I just woke up at 7pm just now, it's 12.30am now and actually I'm getting a little sleepy & very hungry. I guess I have to eat & hibernate again!

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