28 February 2016

Ten random facts about me!

Not that people are keen to know, but I thought it's pretty interesting! 

1. I'm an only child. (enough said for my bizarre character) 

2. I love gassy sodas. (coke - all time favourite) 

3. Thus, I love beers & champagnes than liquors. 

4.  I love to eat shelled seafood. (cockles, clams, oysters, mussels, lobsters, crabs, prawns...) 

5. My favourite colour is Pink. (but not all my stuffs I like it in pink) 

6. I have not watch any cartoon series in my lifetime up till date. (I watch prime time news with parents since kindergarten) 

7. I like Hello Kitty. (because it's white, pink & red in colour. not because it's cute. i don't really find it cute at all)

8. I do not cry when I'm sad, I teared when I am angry or misses someone.

9. I lived once in Japan for 3 months & on-going every other day for about 2 years now due to work.

10. I'm once a Miss Singapore! (an old expired beauty queen)  

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